🔐 Prevent jewelry theft when traveling 🐱‍👤

November 19, 2019 2 min read

Theft happens quickly, but recovering from it takes a lot longer. There are recent stories of innocent people losing upwards of $5000 worth of personal jewelry when traveling.

One occasion involved a woman named Megan and her friend. Here’s how it went down...

"Megan stopped at a store after a day of driving, not knowing they had been followed. After entering the convenience store it took the thieves less than seven minutes to clone the car’s electronic lock, clear the trunk of both of their belongings, and make their getaway.

Since there was no visible damage to the car, the ladies got in and drove away, unaware their jewelry was gone."

These awful things happen more often than we’d like to think, leaving everyday good people like yourself in fear and disbelief.

I took the time to research a few things you can do to keep your precious belongings safe and sound when you’re traveling:

1.) Make plans for safe storage during your travels: 

Consider renting a temporary security box at the bank. When you’re booking a hotel call ahead and ask if they have a security box or safe. It’s worth paying a bit more at times that you’re traveling with a number of valuable possessions. 

2.) When flying make sure you keep all of your most important or expensive pieces in your carry-on luggage:

This will prevent anyone else from having access to your things without your knowledge. You can also buy a padlock for your checked bags to further increase your security.

3.) Don’t leave jewelry unattended in your car: 

Believe it or not, most theft happens from the trunk of cars. Often when you stop for a meal or bathroom break after a long drive. Take the time to keep your jewelry in a safe place when leaving your vehicle, even if it’s only for a few moments.

4.) If you have a lot of expensive items with you don't store it all in one place:

Most criminals will assume they hit the jackpot and move on when they’re in a hurry. If you store your precious items in more than one place it’s likely that you’ll have less of it stolen in a shorter amount of time.

I hope this helps you feel more secure about taking your best pieces with you. After all, what’s the point of having beautiful jewelry if you can’t take it with you places? 🤨

If you are planning on traveling anytime soon, I wish you a safe trip and a wonderful, worry-free time 😎